About Us

Primex Background Check Ltd is a full-fledged due diligence organization focusing on background check solutions in different spheres of investment and business dealings. Our business model operates on the proven principle of providing world-class customer service, cost-effective pricing and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We specialize in providing efficient background check services. Our competitive edge at Primex lies in our capability to customize our solutions to any business sector. The value we place on the partnership with your organisation guarantees that we provide high accuracy, consistent, speedy, actionable and the highest quality service delivery you can trust. Our pool of seasoned professionals with over two decades of unabated top-notch performances in various sectors of the Nigerian economy are always at your service to provide you with excellent services that surpass your expectations Our background check delivery package is smart, comprehensive and backed by a robust research. It is a research technique that produces thorough, accurate background checks and screening reports that meet the unique needs of our clients.


On site physical visitation: We are highly mobile. With our team of retired military personnel, we visit all information sources no matter how remote because we are indigenous and we understand the terrains. Not by phone or correspondence: We do not use any form of correspondence either by phone or email or letters to conduct our screening as this can by intercepted or exposed to undue influence. Collaboration with foreign affiliates for foreign screening: We use collaborative efforts with reputable foreign background screening agencies overseas to carry out screening outside Nigeria Co-operation with registrars of higher institutions of learning in Nigeria: We have on-going working relationship with many notable Nigerians educational institutions; while we keep working at extending our frontiers to as many institutions as possible. This initiative has greatly helped to put us in a good stead to generate speedy responses from these institutions when needed.


The fact that people lie on job applications should not come as a surprise to any employer. The most astonishing however is that fudging credentials on the application is on the rise because of the saturated unemployment market. But, many business owners do not understand what background check is all about. In fact, some query the relevance of this service to a person’s competence and performance. Though there may not be a visible immediate danger as it seems, but it is more effective to prevent an occurrence than to grapple with its resultant effects. Background Checks minimizes hiring, retention and other form of risks associated with our daily dealings with people. You can conduct checks on potential employee to determine whether or not the employee has a criminal record. This is especially important if the employee is going to be with sensitive issues finance, security, home management or working closely with customers. Our smart innovative solutions provide you with the benefits of enhanced security, reduced liability, improved stability, increased productivity and cost savings in your candidate selection and hiring/retention process.


To help organizations build leadership capability, increase the strength of their talent pool by retaining valued talents and improve the effectiveness of their workforce.


To help business stakeholders get maximum return on investment.