Our Subsidaries


Everybody wants to live, work and play in a safe environment. However, the effort we put in place to make this a reality is usually very minimal and non-committal until there are calamities resulting from obvious complacency.

The way we manage our security apparatus can play a vital role in reducing or increasing crime in and around us. The way we educate, involve and communicate issues about crime are also an important and effective way in crime prevention and crime resolution

With strategic and deliberate effort aimed at engaging and organizing our security apparatus, we can build a safe and conducive place to live for everyone.

To make your environment including your homes safe, therefore, Primex Protection Services is poised to respond to your security needs with swift precision.




It is incontestable that employees who are actively engaged in their jobs not only work with passion but also feel and exhibit strong connections to their organization. Moreover, since employee productivity is clearly connected with employee engagement, creating an environment that encourages employee engagement is considered to be essential in the effective management of human capital. Employee engagement relates to the conditions under which workers perform more effectively. Infact, studies have shown that getting employees engaged in the real sense of the word is more likely to result from a healthy work life balance than from working long hours. This is why it is postulated that the well- ness of an organization is measured by the collective well-being and engagement of the employee. We have demonstrable capability to increase employee engagement by helping organizations strengthen their ability to implement corporate strategy and initiatives while helping to establish stronger management-employee relation- ships geared towards conditioning the behaviours necessary to build brands, improve performance and achieve organizational objectives.



The increasingly complex and highly competitive nature of today’s business environment puts greater pressure on employees and also calls for a more concerted effort in the area of internal communications. It is no gainsaying that today’s employees are increasingly demanding partici- pation in the conversations that are driving organizational change. This partici- pation if vital to keeping employees at all levels of the organization. This implies that communication must be a two-way process. In essence, designing and implementing effective internal communications models ensure information flows quickly and effectively through organizations so that practices, policies and procedures are understood and acted upon by an organisation’s close stakeholders – direct/indirect employees and/or members. Our job is to help evolve internal communication strategies that make a difference to organisations by providing clarity of purpose that help people not only to do their jobs, but also encourage and motivate employees so that they feel truly involved and give their best.

Training is essential in every organisation; considering its relevance in the quest to improve quality, satisfy the customer, boost productivity, morale, and profit- ability.

However, inspite of the indisputable importance of training in an organisation, at Primex Consulting, we do not just conduct training for the sake of it, but do so after undertaking training needs analysis and subsequently prioritizing training.

Our training assessment takes your organizational values and aspects of integrity, ethics, as well as skills and other issues at work into consideration. We undertake a comprehensive appraisal of your recruitment processes before proffering training solutions – there is no point training people if they are not the right people to begin with.

Our training include: Acculturation, Change Management, People Development, Skills Development, amongst other essential training programmes. In addition to these essential training needs, we partner with organizations to develop customized training programmes and schedules in line with our assessment findings.



Our brand communications subsidiary specialises in ensuring that a brand lives up to its full potential.  Our strategy is to find perception of quality difference which is essential for survival and thriving in the marketplace. Our strength lies in putting at client’s advantage a unique combination of consumer insights with sure-fire strategies and creative execution to generate results.

We do not despair in grave situations because we strive for excellence. We possess the will to excel, to be the best. We pay attention to details and strive to differentiate our work with creative and service quality. We possess the courage to challenge conventional thinking. We are innovative. We dare to be different, a dignified and desirable difference.

We are involved with your brand in the following areas.

  • Brand Icubation
  • Brand Building
  • Promotions
  • Marketing Communications
  • Advertisng
  • Media Buying
  • Media Placement
  • Media Monitoring
  • Brand Heath Management



  • Prints
  • Radio
  • Television
  • New media

We take seriously our responsibility to provide our clients with a thorough and lasting experience from start to finish. We consider the relations that we envisage, hence we painstakingly pay eyes on details taking every step with precision from brief to delivery. This approach is calculated to advance the perception of quality for the brand within a particular category.

We operates a cross-functional team of marketing, creative and communications experts who think through problems towards providing results-driven solutions. For us, teamwork produces winners.

We crave to join you in managing your brand.