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Primex Background Check is well placed to offer the following services that allow your organization to mitigate risk and hire with confidence; with a view to boosting your efficiency.


1. Pre/Post-Employment Background Check

Pre/post employment screening is used to verify the accuracy of an applicant’s/staff claims as well as to discover any possible criminal history, workers’ compensation claims or employee sanctions.

We contact previous employers to verify

  • Applicant’s job title
  • Salary claims
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehire
  • Areas for special attention
  • General Conduct

This service could be done discreetly or openly depending on what the client prefers.

2. Education Verifications

We validate your candidate’s academic credentials. Most times job responsibilities and compensation packages are based on academic qualifications. An Education Verification confirms school(s) attended, diplomas, degrees & certificates awarded, dates of attendance, and additional information as maybe required.

3. Driver’s Background Check

Reviewing an applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record is an important search for those required to operate a company or personal vehicle for business purposes. Records will highlight driving history over the past 3-7 years or as maybe demanded.

4. Criminal Background Check

We conduct a thorough criminal records search which allows you to identify any convictions and/or infractions that belong to your candidate. This enable organizations to exercise critical due diligence and avoid unnecessary risk in the workplace.

5. Address Confirmation

We certify if applicants actually live in the residents they claim to stay. Training and Assessment

6. Guarantors Details

Are the guarantors ready to indemnify the applicant? We help to get their consent.

7. Employments Verification

Don’t be fooled by a pleasant appearance or even a fine resume. Validate employment information provided by your applicant.

8. Reference Interviews

We contact former co-workers, supervisors or friends. This helps you gain additional insight on your applicant’s work ethic, abilities, accomplishments, past performance and reliability.

9. Professional License Verification & Certifications

This confirms your candidates’ representations about their qualifications.


Primex Background Check has had the honour of providing cutting-edge employee engagement and specialized HR solutions to various organizations including the following:


Primex Background Check’s workflow chart for effective background check services take global best practices into consideration. The chart covers the 3 broad phases, timelines and specific deliverables obtainable along the phases.





1. Administration of Employee Data Collection form (to be filled by the employee) and collection of same form (after filling).

This should be submitted alongside the photocopies of employee documents to be verified. Passport-size photographs of employees should also be attached.

2. Administration of Employee Consent form (to be filled by the employee)and collection of same form (after filling).

3. Issuance of power of attorney to Primex Consulting as the background organization for the client over the specified period.


Five (5) working days (starting from date of the approval of Primex Consulting as the Background Check Consultant to the Client).


  Deliverable Timeline
1 Educational Qualification Verification 1 – 2 weeks
2 Professional Certification Verification 1 – 2 weeks
3 Previous Employment Check 1 – 2 weeks
4 Criminal Background Check 1 – 2 weeks
5 Address Confirmation Report 1 – 2 weeks
6 Address Tracing Report 1 – 2 weeks
7 International Background Check 1 – 2 weeks
8 Vital Documents Verification 1 – 2 weeks
 9 Guarantors’ Background Check  1 – 2 weeks
 10 Guarantors’ Details  1 – 2 weeks
 11 Driver’s Background Check  1 – 2 weeks
 12 Referees’  Background Check  1 – 2 weeks
13 Risk Assessment Report 1 – 2 weeks
14 NYSC Certificate Verification 1 – 2 weeks
15 Neighborhood check 1 – 2 weeks
16 Investigative Due Diligence Brief-Dependent


1. Report Compilation – collation, analysis and interpretation of findings from the Field Officers.

Timeline – 2 weeks

2. Presentation of reports (Timeline – 1 day)

It is pertinent to state that the three (3) phases outlined above are stream- lined to Primex Consulting Best Practices and Total Quality Management (TQM) module.


Our best practices and TQM model is geared towards consistently improving on the quality of our performance with a view to delighting our customers through surpassing their expectations. Our goal is to deliver reliable result with fewer problems and unforeseen complications, through proper processes, checks and balances.

Outlined below are the measures we have developed for quality control, maintenance and assurance.




Primex Background Check Ltd and the prospective client will enter into a service agreement. The agreement states the Terms and Conditions of the service to be rendered as well as the grounds on which such agreement entered into may be invalidated. The service agreement equally specifies that Primex shall not be responsible for any occurrence emanating from the misuse of any/all information gathered and presented to the client.


To mitigate against negative reaction of employees to background check result and related issues, Primes issues employees background check consent forms (EBC Form A) to client for administration to the employees designated for background check.


The EBC form provided by Primes is administered to the concerned employees and upon its completion, (duly signed by the employee) is returned to Primex together with the Employee Data form that contains basic information about the employee. The data form specifies that information supplied will be verified by the client and its background check consultant (Primes Background Check)

Forms relating to information to be checked will be designed for respondents to fill. In the form, the purpose of the exercise will be clearly stated. Respondents will be informed that any false information supplied may jeopardize the candidate’s chances and may also lead to prosecution.

After the filling of the form, respondents may be made to write a separate letter or form attesting that the information supplied is true and have been supplied without prejudice.

In the event of discovery of any indicting report that may lead to the rejection of the applicant, the client is expected to check all the responses received if they are in line with the information provided by the applicant. If the responses are in line with the information provided by the applicant, respondents are re-contacted to affirm the information given. If re-affirmed, client is advised to consider showing the applicant/employee details of the report, although it is not under any obligation to do so.


If the client chooses not hire the applicant due to the background check result, a rejection letter must be given to the applicants. It is the prerogative of the client to state the reasons for the rejection.




Due to availability of sensitive information there is the risk of divulging of this information to authorized persons.

TQM Strategies

1. We train all personnel on the importance of maintaining confidentiality of nonpublic information.

2. Insure all members of the check team and its contractors sign a confidentiality agreement forbidding them from disclosing nonpublic information.


Release of information is not controlled or information is incorrect, resulting in inaccurate information being made available to outside parties.

TQM Startegies

1. We designate and provide training to the appropriate members of the check team who will be responsible for providing information to outside parties.

2. We have an established system for logging in all inquiries received from, and responses made to, third parties. The system provides for tracking follow up, if required.

3. Only qualified legal practitioners carry out information analysis.

4. We continuously determine the extent of legality of request. This is done to continually assess legal risk levels. This helps in the structuring of questions and also helps the execution of the operations correctly to mitigate litigation risks.

5. Specifications are defined to conform to requirements.


Out of omission or commission respondents may give information and deny same afterwards.

TQM Strategies

1. Forms to extract these information are designed and respondents are made to fill them at their convenience in their handwriting with the check officers interpreting any ambiguity that may be contained in it or arise from it.

2. Respondents duly sign these forms and they are pre-informed in the form that all information would be subsequently verified and if found to be inaccurate will jeopardize the applicant’s chances.

3. The applicants also sign an authorization letter for background check action.





Check officer may collude with respondents/applicants to compromise facts for monetary compensation.

TQM Strategies

1. Remuneration is above industry standard. Cash components of each stage is understood and adequate provisions has been made to make up for inadequacies.

2. Performance is adequately rewarded

3. Check Supervisors crosscheck reports by check officers through random spot-checking.

4. With the oath secrecy duly sworn, check officers are made to understand the implications of giving misleading information.




Responsiveness to process timing may not meet up with management’s timing.

TQM Strategies

1. An established timing of each process is made. The client is advised to inculcate this into their requirement timing.

2. Potential problems are defined and solutions proffered before commencement of project.

3. Timeliness is adequately rewarded.

4. We develop and implement regulations with associated payments/penalties to ensure turnaround times and quality expectations are met.





Training is insufficient to adequately educate all personnel resulting in inefficient operation of entire project.

TQM Strategies

1. We continually identify all personnel and all functional areas for which training is required.

2. We get qualified instructors who will provide training.

3. We have developed program for establishing training location, dates, subject matter, instructor, method and format of training, and the distribution of any educational material required.

4. Establish system for notifying all designated personnel of their training

5. Schedule and tracking their attendance at the appropriate sessions





Compromise of data security.

TQM Strategies

1. We ensure that the project work plan accounts for security development efforts

2. Communication modes are aligned with the sensitivity of information.

3. We operate a closed loop communication system.

4. Strict compliance with the non-use of phone to speak to past employers and referees

5. Strict compliance of submission/evaluation/analysis of report/information to only authorized representative of the client.





To mitigate against the possibility of negative reactions from the employee or candidates who may feel unfairly treated if application is rejected based on information gathered from the background check carried out and seek redress in the law court.

TQM Strategies

1. Applicants/employee consent form duly signed by concerned candidate is administered and kept with the employer before embarking on the check. It is advisable that a copy of this form is also mandatorily made available to Primex consulting.

2. We advise the client to outline to concerned candidate the grounds on which their appointment is not confirmed in the event of such scenario.